Dazzletag Entertainment Limited

The birthplace of Innovative Gaming!

Innovation in Gaming

Founded in 2010, Dazzletag set out to capture communities and captivate players with games that excel through innovation, backed by high quality execution.

Dazzletag’s aim is to use innovative software to enhance the sense of community and belonging, factors which we believe are crucial to a player’s gaming enjoyment.

Live Win Moment and Webcam technology

What makes Dazzletag stand out from ‘the crowd’ is the integration of webcams within our gaming platforms and the groundbreaking games we offer which center on webcam use.

Dazzletag Software owns the patent pending Live Win Moment technology. This highly engaging software allows fellow players to see each celebrating wins and enjoy a heightened sense of identity and community.

Other innovative products include the Bouncing Bonus, 3-way private chats and live streaming chathosts that guide the game and assist players.

The chathosts are also equipped with extra games, like Lucky Ducky, Cupido, Movie Madness and Tuesday Tunesday, which are as original as they are fun.